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Message from the President

Message from the President, Teruhiko Higuchi

The JDC was established as a general incorporated association in 2010 with the aim of carrying out supporting programs to further people’s understanding of depression and to offer support for the prevention, early detection, and early treatment of depression and carrying out initiatives to promote return to work and social reintegration.

The JDC has two major service functions. The first is diagnosis and treatment. The Rokubancho Mental Clinic (Director: Soichiro Nomura) offers treatment for depression and other mental illnesses. In addition to insured treatment focused on diagnosis and treatment based on general psychiatry, we also provide psychological counseling and cognitive behavior therapy by specialists. We accept men and women of any age.

Today, many mental health clinics in Japan offer only five-minute consultations. This is the result of unavoidable problems in the healthcare environment. At the Rokubancho Mental Clinic, they make every effort to listen carefully to their patients during treatment.

The second service function is mental health support for workplaces. Today, many companies experience the significant problem of employees temporarily leaving their jobs because of depression and other mental illnesses. Since 2015, all workplaces with 50 or more employees have been required to conduct mandatory stress checks of employees, demonstrating that mental health problems present at workplaces. For health management at workplaces, industrial physicians are being dispatched and physical health management has been strengthened. However, mental health management is insufficient. This is due to insufficient training of industrial psychiatrists and a lack of knowledge and experience concerning mental health among general industrial physicians.

Therefore, the JDC holds awareness and support activities for general practitioners and industrial physicians, led mostly by Dr. Katsutoshi Tanaka, who is an authority in this field. The JDC also carries out concrete programs with the aim of helping industrial physicians and general practitioners acquire methods for handling depression.

Japan Depression Center, President
National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry, Honorary President
Teruhiko Higuchi
Teruhiko Higuchi